Kaden & Kai Wholesale Program

This bracelet was made by cutting intricate designs into a bicycle inner tube. This bracelet features a series of flowers with five petals making it 1.25 inches wide. It has a t-shape clasp that fits into one of six holes making this bracelet adjustable and suitable for a wide range of wrist sizes.

Be A Part of Something Truly Different

Kaden & Kai is a new eco fashion brand and bracelet line made from upcycled bicycle tubes. The ONLY material found in Kaden & Kai bracelets is the tube!

Currently, in the world, there are very few companies that make products out of used bicycle tubes, even less cut intricate designs into them. Kaden & Kai is truly in a category of its own.

#1 Benefit of becoming a Kaden & Kai wholesaler - additional foot traffic through public relations campaigns!

What store doesn't want or need more foot traffic? The one thing we know for sure, is that potential customers want to touch, see and try on our products. So once on board, our team will begin working on getting potential customers to your store by promoting collection launches, events and more through marketing and public relations campaigns. We will also post your store on our web site as an exclusive partner.

#2 We have an extremely low return rate. Men, women and kids love our bracelets.

View the many five star reviews submitted by our customers on our customer review page, on our product listing pages or on Etsy. Customers love our bracelets. But it wasn't a lucky accident. We spent countless hours talking to potential buyers to find out what was important to them in a bracelet, as well as what was important when buying one for someone else. Since so many people buy our bracelets as gifts, getting the presentation of the bracelet right, as well as accommodating a vareity of wrist sizes was critical. Given the extremely low number of returns or exchanges we have had, I would say we nailed it!

#3 We do all the legwork!

Once you partner with Kaden & Kai, we will do everthing we can, to make your business a success. We barcode all products (including barcode number, SKU and price), provide a product display (custom if necessary as shown here), free shipping or delivery of products and simplified invoicing through our Shopify portal.

#4 Kaden & Kai bracelets are designed and made in the USA.

When it comes to fast turnaround, excellent customer service and same day delivery or shipping to your store, rest assure, we got you covered. Everything we make is made in Massachusetts. Our team is based in Massachusetts and all operations happen in Massachusetts.

Wholesale Information

  • No minimum order requirement, but all designs must include the standard size
  • A flexible exchange program
  • A buyback program
  • Wholesale pricing at 40% off MAP
  • Products must sell at MAP prices or higher

You can contact Lisa Cassidy directly at lisa@kadenandkai.com or click the button to fill out an online form to get the process started. Please indicate your store name, location and store web site.

Connect With Us to Get Started


Where do you get the bicycle tubes from?

We receive donations from local area bike shops. Currently, the majority of our tubes come from the Cycle Loft in Burlington, Massachusetts. As people come in with flat tires or service repairs, they store the tubes for us.

How do you ensure the quality of your products?

Although all our products are made from used bicycle tubes, we have a multi-step process to ensure that all products are of the highest quality. Some of the steps we take are listed below.

  1. We only use the parts of the tube that are not fully worn. Generally the sides of the tube are very high quality compared to the center of the bicycle tube.
  2. We clean the tubes at multiple points in the creation process.
  3. We use a standardized sizing system for our bracelets so that all petite, standard, medium and large sizes are the same length in every design.

Where are your bracelets made?

Since 2020, our bracelets have been made in our Lexington, Massachusetts workshop!

Are the polypropylene bags you use to store the bracelets recyclable?

Yes! Because polypropylene bags are woven using fabric fibers, they are typically made almost entirely of plastic, which means they are both fully recyclable and reusable. The polypropylene bags we use are non-toxic, odorless acid free, and 100% food grade safe. Some suggestions for reuse might be to store snacks, make-up, kleenex or use as an on-the-go wallet when carrying a small purse or backpack since they can be resealed and are easy to see through.

What is your MAP pricing and discounting policy?

Retailers must sell at MAP prices or higher. You can apply store discounts like 10% off the entire purchase or offer bundled discounts, but individual items are not to be discounted below MAP. 

What is the wholesale price?

Wholesale pricing is 40% off MAP. They are priced to sell at their current price point. We also believe that the additional advantages we offer (no minimum order requirements and a very flexible exchange program) are just as valuable.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

There is no minimum order requirement, but I recommend having the standard size for
all bracelet styles and preferably the medium, if you don’t want all available sizes. Standard is the most common size for women and medium is the most common size for men.

Do you do size or style exchanges?

Yes, you can change sizes or styles for other sizes or styles we offer. If shipping is required, you are responsible for shipping costs.

Do you have a buyback program?

Yes. Kaden & Kai will buy products back within 6 months of the delivery date as long as they are unopened and undamaged and can be resold.

How do you handle defective products after the sale?

We will exchange any defective product directly with the customer or will provide you with a replacement if you prefer.

Will you carry other product types in the future like necklaces and earrings?

Yes, we have several designs in development. We will be ready to go with necklaces, chokers and earrings in the coming months.

Is Kaden & Kai planning to open a brick and mortar store?

No. Our plan is to sell through existing brick and mortar stores who have already done a great job at driving customers in and offering excellent customer service. We do plan to attend various art markets throughout the year to get a pulse on what people like, what they are looking for and to get feedback on prototypes. We also have two online stores we manage - Kadenandkai.com and our Etsy Shop.

Are you part of the Shopify Collective?

Yes, please contact us if there is interest there. We can discuss if this is the right fit for both of us.