It's time to be ecofabulous baby.

The Beauty of Bicycle Tubes

Sometimes all it takes is a moment to see something in a whole new light.

This is the beauty of upcycling and the story behind the Kaden & Kai Bicycle Tube Collection.

Soft, stylish and truly one-of-a-kind.

Over 700 sold...and counting.

Made from Upcycled Bicycle Tubes

The Kaden & Kai Collection is made from bicycle tubes donated from local bike shops. Every single piece is cut, cleaned and pressed before it is inspected and perfected by our team.

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Make a Statement

Stand out from the crowd with a Kaden & Kai necklace or choker.

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Free shipping. Beautiful packaging. Unforgettable ecofashion.

"My mission was to extend the useful life of bicycle tubes, while also creating something beautiful and unexpected."

- Lisa Cassidy, Designer and Founder for Kaden & Kai

We are a proud member of 1% for the planet