What is the easist way to put on a Kaden & Kai Bicycle Tube Bracelet™?

Step 1: Put the anchor on the TOP side of your wrist

The anchor of the bracelet should be placed on the TOP side of your wrist with the glue side against your wrist. The glue side is the backside of the bracelet. Hold in place with your left thumb.

Step 2: Hover the hole end over the anchor and pull it through

While your left thumb is holding the anchor in place on your right wrist, use your fingers to place the hole end of the bracelet over the top of the anchor. Place one hole over one corner of the anchor and then pull that corner through until the entire anchor is through the hole.

That’s it! Turn the bracelet around so the anchor is on the underside of your wrist.

What's the easiest way to take off a Kaden & Kai Bicycle Tube Bracelet?

Step 1: Twist the anchor and dip it into the same hole

Shift your bracelet around so that the anchor, or "T", is on the top side of your wrist. Pick-up the anchor and twist it. Dip it into the same hole it is coming out of until one side of the anchor is through the hole as shown here.

Step 2: Lift the hole end of the bracelet

Pull up the hole side of the bracelet until the anchor is completely out. It should pop right off!

More FAQ Questions

How do I make my bracelet shiny?

There are a few ways you can make your Kaden & Kai Bicycle Tube Bracelet shiny.  One option is to mix one part lime juice with 3 parts olive oil. Once mixed, you can use a cloth, sponge or brush to spread the mixture evenly across the bracelet and then let it air dry.

Another option is to use a rubber boot protector instead of the lime juice/olive oil mixture. Listed below is a bracelet with and without the rubber boot protector.

The shiny finish will make the bracelet appear to be darker black as well.

Can I trim the extra holes on my bracelet or extender?

Yes! We recommend that you trim your bracelet at least two holes beyond the one you use most of the time so you have a piece large enough to hold on to when you put it on. You can trim your bracelet or extender with a regular pair of scissors.

How do you package your orders?

We place each bracelet on a paper card. We then overlay the bracelet card with a piece of vellum paper and our signature "Thanks for Being Awesome" gift card so that each order looks like a gift when opened. When then ship the bracelet and the packing slip in an eco-friendly kraft photo envelop or cardboard box.

Do You Offer Gift Wrapping?

Yes! Dazzle that special someone with a beautifully wrapped gift! Gift wrapping includes a black envelop, raffa string, a sheet of soft white translucent paper and a two-sided, "Thanks for Being Awesome" gift card.  We can handwrite your message on the gift card upon request, otherwise it will be left blank.

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What is the hard stuff on the "T" part of the clasp?

The hard stuff on the anchor part of the clasp, or the "T" of the bracelet, is glue. Because bicycle tubes are inherently soft, in order for the clasp to stay on when tugged, we added an industrial strength harder to keep it firm. This does a few things:

1) This makes it easy for the "T" to pull through the hole when putting on your bracelet.

2) It keeps your bracelet from falling off even if gets tugged by a shirt or jacket.

Because the "T" is an anchor shape, we do not need much glue. You cannot feel it when wearing the bracelet.

Will the bracelets make my wrist black?

No. Bicycle tube bracelets do not leave any type of black residue. Some tubes will have a white powder inside when we cut them open. We thoroughly clean all tubes, so there nothing that would leave any type of mark on your wrist.

Do the tubes smell?

When we first cut into the tubes, they do smell like rubber. However, once the tube is cut and exposed to the air and cleaned, they no longer smell like anything.

Where do you get the bicycle tubes from?

We receive donations from the Cycle Loft in Burlington, Massachusetts. As people come in withe flat tires or service repairs, they store the tubes for us. We then pick them up, wash them, sort them, cut them and then wash them again!

How do you ensure that your products are high quality since they are made from used bicycle tubes?

Although all our products are made from used bicycle tubes, we have a multi-step process to ensure that all products are of the highest quality. Some of the steps we take are listed below.

  1. We only use the parts of the tube that are not fully worn. Generally the sides of the tube are very high quality compared to the center of the bicycle tube.
  2. We clean the tubes at multiple points in the creation process.
  3. We use a standardized sizing system for our bracelets so that all petite, standard, medium and large sizes are the same length in every design.

Where are your bracelets made?

Since 2020, our bracelets have been made in our Lexington, Massachusetts workshop!

What if it doesn't fit?

Whether you purchased the item for yourself or someone else, we are happy to exchange the item you received for the right size or provide an extender at no cost if we do not offer the size you are looking for. The steps to make the exchange are as follows:

1) Contact us by email at info@kadenandkai.com within 30 days of the purchase date and let us know what size you have and what you are looking for. If we have the size, we will exchange it for you, if we do not make the larger size, you will have the option to receive a free extender that can be cut to size, exchange your bracelet for another bracelet that comes in your size or receive a refund.

2) To exchange the bracelet, get a refund or store credit, send the bracelet USPS first class mail in a standard envelop. The bracelet should be wrapped in a sheet of paper.

3) If you purchased the item and want a refund, we will refund you once we receive it. If you received it as a gift, we will provide store credit in the amount of the purchase.

4) If this is an exchange, once we receive the bracelet, we will send out a new bracelet in the requested size.

How can I see the bracelets in person?

We frequently have a booth at the Boston Art Markets from May to October. We are planning to do more events this year. Look in the news and events section for the latest schedule. We will also post upcoming events on our instagram page @shopkadenandkai.

Are the polypropylene bags you use to store the bracelets recyclable?

Yes! Because polypropylene bags are woven using fabric fibers, they are typically made almost entirely of plastic, which means they are both fully recyclable and reusable. The polypropylene bags we use are non-toxic, odorless acid free, and 100% food grade safe. Some suggestions for reuse might be to store snacks, make-up, kleenex or use as an on-the-go wallet when carrying a small purse or backpack since they can be resealed and are easy to see through.

How do I learn about new products coming out?

We announce new products on Instagram, Facebook, on our website and in our monthly newsletter.

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