How do I put on a Kaden & Kai bracelet by myself?

The easiest way to put on your bracelet quickly is to get one part of the "T" into a hole. From there, you can pull it through.

How do I make my Kaden & Kai bracelet shiny?

There are a few ways you can make your Kaden & Kai Bicycle Tube Bracelet shiny.  One option is to mix one part lime juice with 3 parts olive oil. Once mixed, you can use a cloth, sponge or brush to spread the mixture evenly across the bracelet and then let it air dry.

Another option is to use a rubber boot protector instead of the lime juice/olive oil mixture. Listed below is a bracelet with and without the rubber boot protector. On the left is the matte finish. On the right is the shiny finish. The shiny finish wiil make the bracelet appear to be a darker black.

Matte versus Shiny Finish on Kaden & Kai Bicycle Tube Bracelet


Can I trim my Kaden & Kai Bracelet?

Yes! We recommend that you trim your bracelet one hole beyond the one you use most of the time in order to ensure that you don't cut too close to the one you are using. You can trim your bracelet with a regular pair of scissors.

How are Kaden & Kai Bicycle Tubes Made?

Kaden & Kai Bicycle Tubes are made in several discreet steps. First Kaden & Kai bracelets are designed through drawings and then finalized in Photoshop. Unfortunately, not all designs look good when transferred to bicycle tubes. We tested dozens of designs to get to the six designs you see today in the current Kaden & Kai Bicycle Tube Bracelet Collection.

Next, we gathered up the bicycle tubes from local cycle shops that set them aside for us. Bicycle shops love it when people reuse their tubes. Each bicycle tube can be cut into about 7 equal pieces. These pieces are then put into a soap wash for their initial cleaning. They are then rinsed and set out to dry.

Next, the tubes are cut in order to make a large rectangle that can be heated and pressed under wax paper. 


From here they are flattened under about 50 pounds of weight across several days to ensure that they are as flat as possible before they cut. The bracelet design is then cut into the tube using our design software. The cut-outs are then weeded out by hand to get you the designs you see today. 


They are then given a final wash. Once dry, we apply a protectant to give it a polished look and stamp the Kaden & Kai name on the back. That's it!