How It's Made

How are Kaden & Kai Bicycle Tube Bracelets Made?

Most Kaden & Kai bracelets are inspired by plants, flowers, tattoos and modern art. Negative space is a big factor when creating our products.

Daisy Image inspiration for Kaden & Kai

Next we sort through the bins of tubes we get from local area bike shops. We use calipers to measure the thickness of the tube and then we clean them and sort them by thickness. Many of the designs only work with certain manufacturers and thicknesses.

 discarded bicycle tubes

Side note: Most of our tubes come from the CycleLoft in Burlington, Massachusetts

They have been saving tubes for us since January 2020!

CycleLoft in Burlington, Massachusetts 

Once we have settled on a design, we make dies. We use the dies to press into the tubes.  Most bracelets require weeding by hand in order to get the clean lines you see in the final product. 

We then add apply an industrial strength harder to the T clasp and let it dry for several hours.

How Kaden & Kai bicycle tube bracelets are made

Once the glue is dry, we apply a rubber protectant to give it a clean, polished look. That's it! 


Our Story

In this 10 minute video, Lisa, Founder, Designer and Maker for Kaden & Kai, walks you through how Kaden & Kai got started, our workshop and what we have learned along the way.