Our Mission

The Driving Factors Behind Everything We Do 

At ecoimagine, we believe it is important to extend the useful life of materials that can be recycled and repurposed. ​Our selection of vibrant, stylish, high quality bracelets were made by designers who envisioned something that could be beautiful, useful and, most importantly, purposeful. 

In addition to extending the life of materials that can be recycled and repurposed, we believe it is important to drive demand for eco products in the broader marketplace, promote businesses who incorporate sustainable business practices and to "do good" while "doing well." 

The Four Driving Factors
  • Extend the Useful Life of Materials That Can Be Recycled and Repurposed
  • Increase Demand for Eco Products In The Market Place
  • Promote Businesses That Incorporate Sustainable Business Practices In Their Operations
  • Our Goal is to "Do Well" and "Do Good."

ecoimagine mission



What You Can Do To Support The Mission

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RecycleSmart >> Learn What Goes in the Bin and What Doesn't

The UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals That Will Transform Our World >> Learn More



I Want Your Vote! The Story Behind ecoimagine

When I launched LRC Marketing Group, a consulting company, in 2004, my purpose was to help small to mid-size companies grow through exceptional marketing. Over time, I grew more specialized and focused primarily on developing digital marketing campaigns to promote green companies, green products and green initiatives.

In 2016, I changed the company’s name to ecoimagine. In the fall of 2018, I took a Harvard Business course titled, “Sustainable Business Strategy." This course was both inspiring and daunting. It opened the door to many ideas and approaches I had not considered before. But most importantly, it showed that companies could do well and do good through sustainable business models.

That fall I also attended a presentation given by Tobias Lütke, the Founder and CEO of Shopify. One of the concepts he shared was the idea of commerce as a vote. He said that companies prevail when you buy something - just like candidates win if you vote for them. As a group, it is our purchases that enable a company to succeed or fail. 

Maybe it was the combination of the two experiences, or maybe it was a mid-life crisis, but within a few months I had decided I was going to open an online store and sell eco products.  

To be clear - ecoimagine wasn’t going to be about selling stuff, it was going to be about accumulating votes for amazing eco products.  I started this journey based on the belief that if I used my consulting experience to sell amazing eco products, I could make a difference. 

There is still a lot to do, but I am happy where this journey has taken me so far. So here’s to long days, great people and chasing dreams.

Lisa Cassidy

President & Founder