COVID-19 Policy

Thank you for shopping at Kaden & Kai during this challenging time. To reassure you that we are taking precautions to keep your merchandise safe from the time it arrives here to when it is delivered, we wanted share with your the steps we are taking to achieve this goal.

While creating our products, we are taking precautions throughout the day to ensure cleanliness of our merchandise. We are washing our hands, wearing gloves, wearing masks and practicing social distancing. 

All orders are packaged in recyclable plastic envelops in our fulfillment area. They stay closed until orders are delivered to the post office. We ask that you recycle the plastic bags at your local grocery store or reuse them instead of throwing them away. They make great pouches for band-aids, coupons, business cards, even for storing your Kaden & Kai jewelry! 

Thank you again for trusting us to provide you with eco products during this time.

Lisa Cassidy

Founder and Head Designer

Kaden & Kai