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Kaden & Kai and Recycle Smart MA

Kaden & Kai has partnered with Recycle Smart MA to make it easy to know what goes in the recycle bin and what doesn't. Listed below is an easy to use online tool. Just enter the item and click. In a few seconds, you will get your answer. It will provide instructions as to what to do with the item if it can't be recycled. 

In the last section, we provide a few tips about what you can do to integrate recycling into your day-to-day activities. At Kaden & Kai, we are committed to make recycling easy and understandable. We want your recycled material to make our amazing eco products!


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Not sure if your item is recyclable?

Use Recyclopedia from Recycle Smart MA to find out in seconds. 


Top 5 Items to Keep Out of the Recycling Bin

plastic bags


More Tips

  • Do not put plastic bags in the recycling bin. Bring plastic bags to the grocery store or local retailer to be recycled. 
  • Do not bag recyclables. It is considered garbage and will be thrown away. 
  • Do not put food or liquid in the bin. Empty all containers. 
  • Do not put clothing or linen in the recycling bin. Donate it to charities. They will recycle it if they can't use or sell it. 
  • Do not put tanglers, like rope, wires, chains or electronics in the recycling bin. They get caught in the machinery
  • Use Reusable Bags Instead of Plastic Bags. Opt for reusable bags when you go to the store and return your plastic bags to retail store collection bins. You can purchase reusable insulated grocery bags here at Click the images below to purchase these reusable bags made from recycled content.  To recycle plastic bags you have, find a store collection location near you ->
  • Pour Your Recyclables Into Your Recycling Bin. Dump your bagged recyclables into the recycling bin. This way you can reuse the bag to store future recyclables!
  • Compost Food. Pour Liquid Down the Drain. Rinse Containers. Do not mix food and liquid with recyclables. It contaminates recyclables like cardboard and paper. Rinse containers before mixing with other recyclables.
  • Donate Your Unwanted Clothes and Linens. Learn more here: 
  • Donate Unwanted Tanglers or Recycle At Specific Locations. Tangler items like garden hoses, headphones, and similar items get wrapped around machinery and slow down the recycling process. 
  • Donate unwanted items in good condition, or check here for e-waste recycling drop-off locations.