Why We Love Cork - Renewable, Versatile & Beautiful

Why We Love Cork - Renewable, Versatile & Beautiful

No matter where you stand, there is a reason to love cork.  If you are concerned about the environment, you will love that story around cork harvesting. If you work with cork, you will love its amazing qualities and if you wear cork, will can't help but admire its beauty and versatility.  


How Cork is Harvested

Cork comes from the bark of cork oak trees.  In fact, the cork oak tree (also called Quercus Suber) is the only tree that doesn't die when you remove its bark. Cork oak trees can live to be around 160 years old. This means they can be stripped, by hand, every 9 years. It takes years of experience and a sophisticated process to ensure that cork trees are harvested properly. As the bark grows back over time, it pulls huge amounts of CO2 out of the air. This process reduces the amount of greenhouse gases in the air. 


The Inherent Features Unique to Cork

If you work with cork, you will love the many inherent features unique to cork. For example, it doesn't stretch, fray or rip. Depending on the grade of cork you are working with, it is either waterproof or water resistant.  It is stain resistant, flame retardant and has insulating properties.  It can be exposed to temperatures as high as 800 degrees. It was actually used by NASA on the space shuttle!


Why We Love Cork

If you love cork products, the above qualities only make this amazing product even more endearing. Beside being vegan, lightweight and eco-friendly, cork is amazingly durable and will last you many years.  It is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and easy to clean. When it is time dispose it, it can be recycled.


Videos About Cork

Listed below are three videos we compiled to provide you information about the birth of cork, the benefits of cork fabric and how to clean cork. The first is about the cork industry and the painstaking effort the Portuguese government has gone through to maintain a vibrant cork industry. The second video talks about the benefits and versatility of cork fabric. The last video was created by us to show you just how easy it is to clean and maintain your cork handbags. We hope you enjoy them.



Birth of Cork

5 min 44 sec

Published by Wood Culture

How It's Done: Repurposing bicycle tubes into bags
Story of Cork Fabric

1 min 59 sec

Published by Queork

How It's Done: Repurposing bicycle tubes into bags
How to Clean Cork

6 min 44 sec

Published by ecoimagine

How It's Done: Repurposing bicycle tubes into bags


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