How Alchemy Goods Turned Trash Into Treasure

How Alchemy Goods Turned Trash Into Treasure

When most people have a bag or backpack stolen, they tend to replace it with a new one. Not Eli Reich, Chief Alchemist at Alchemy Goods. When his messenger bag was stolen, he looked around his house for materials to create a new one. What he found was lots of bicycle tubes laying around and the rest is history. 

Eli did not set out to create a store comprised of goods made from repurposed bicycle tubes, but once the word got out about his creation, demand for these bags surged and so it began. 

Today, Alchemy Goods sells a variety of repurposed bicycle tube and vinyl banner bags, backpacks and accessories to retailers across the United States.Customers love them because they are fun, trendy and waterproof, but they also solve a real problem. 

Until Alchemy Goods, there wasn’t much use for old bicycle tubes. Eli found a way to keep the tubes out of landfills by creating something new from something old. Or as his says, “We turn trash into treasure.” For that, we are all thankful. 

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